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Join date: Nov 7, 2017


Hi my name is Veronica I'm a mom of 3 amazing boys, I recently had my 3rd one who is now 2 months. Before becoming pregnant my weight was 130 135 the most, I wasn't very active and didn't become until after my second pregnancy. I gain alot of weight with my pregnancies. I promised myself I wasn't goin to repeat the same story by gaining unnecessary weight, but there was always that guilt that I would starve my unborn baby, which was just an excuse to get away with it. With this last pregnancy my son weight 9lb 6oz which made me gain 65 pounds. Even though I did eat healthy foods during those 41 wks pregnant i have to admit a lot of it were crazy cravings (pizza, donuts, etc, specially sweets). I don't feel bad at all because my son was born and is very healthy. I'm very excited to start this challenge and I bet all of you starting it are as excited as i am, so good luck and hope you all get the results you're looking for!!


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